Distance Learning

Distance Learning

The Distance Learning Classroom

An expandable, multi-use distance learning solution with true interface flexibility.

Distance Learning

Schools participating in distance learning cooperatives have an opportunity to expand the choices they can offer their students and often have opportunities to employ staff teaching students in other locations.

Traditional Layout

This proven design delivers superior quality distance learning in a traditional classroom setting.

Teaching Flexibility

Multiple camera selection, independent instructor and student views, controlled audio and full record playback capability combine for unmatched teaching flexibility.


This classroom design can easily interface with a wide variety of transport systems. FM or AM analogue, as well as digital options like H.424, H.420 and MPEG2, can be easily interfaced as the transport system.


This versatile design is ideally suited for both distance learning and teleconferencing. This learning environment can serve as an effective teleconference center, where as, not all teleconference centers can facilitate distance learning.


The Distance Learning Classroom comes complete, including site prep consultation, equipment selection and classroom installation.

The Distance Learning Classroom includes all of the following features and can be custom designed for your facility and options. The classroom comes complete with site prep, installation and testing.
  • 8 monitor design provides independent instructor and student views of both the home signal and up to 3 remote sites.
  • Studio quality student camera and overhead document/object camera with remote zoom and focus controls.
  • Studio quality instructor camera with remote zoom and focus and power pan and tilt.
  • Custom built cabinet houses classroom equipment and serves as an effective teaching console.
  • Record and playback capability of both home and remote sites.
  • One touch input selection provides for easy switching between 3 cameras, a VCR, or an auxiliary computer input source of your choice.
  • Studio grade mixer and amplifier allow for independent control of audio levels of both the classroom sources and the remote sites.
  • A copy of the image from the student camera is sent to a monitor in a remote location for continual student observation and supervision.
  • A complete set of as built drawings is provides for each classroom.


An expandable, multi-use distance learning solution with true interface flexibility.

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