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Introduction to CNC Machining

CNC Machinery

This curriculum is a comprehensive introduction to CNC machining.  It covers the history of CNC machining, basic CNC machining concepts, using Mastercam to design parts, generation of machine code and production of finished parts. The manual is written for the Techno CNC Router, but is a must have for any school teaching CNC machining.


bn-20 cover

This manual provides students the opportunity to use the Roland BN-20 printer to make real world products.  Students will learn to use CoralDraw to design projects for output on the BN-20 and will learn how to use the VersaWorks RIP software to produce those projects.  This is the ultimate manual for learning how to use this awesome printer in the classroom.

Lab Volt CNC Mill

cover 2013 copy

This manual teaches students to use line-by-line programming to write programs for the LabVolt CNC Mill.  The lessons cover basic mill operation, programming lines and arcs, using machine cycles and subroutines and the G and M codes that drive today’s machines.  It is written for the Labvolt Level 5 software and is a must have for any school using this machine to teach CNC automation.

Introduction to CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC Plasma Cutting

This curriculum is a comprehensive introduction to CNC plasma cutting.  It covers the history of CNC machining, how plasma cutting works, using Mastercam to design and generate code, using automatic torch height control and controlling cut quality to minimize post machining processes.  The manual is written for the Techno CNC Plasma cutter, but is a must have for any school teaching CNC Plasma cutting.

Mastercam Art


This manual is designed to take Mastercam users to the next level of machining by teaching them to use the Art feature to generate complex 3D surfaces and machine those surfaces on a CNC Router.

Introduction to Commercial Embroidery


This manual is designed to teach students the operation of a multiple needle commercial embroidery machine. It also covers digitizing software and the editing of pre-existing designs. Students are exposed to digitizing designs and lettering. Also included is the use of auto-digitizing software.

Graphics Production


The Graphic Production manual uses the VersaLaser and CrorelDraw to teach the integration of laser engravers and design software. Lessons cover using CorelDraw to layout and design graphics for a specific product. Also included are lessons in creating templates and using fixtures such as a rotary fixture.



The curriculum also introduces GIS database with hands-on activities which incorporate GPS data with GIS databases integrating the State recommended GIS software. This manual uses a Garmin GPSmap 78s to demonstrate the functions of a hand-held unit but can be easily translated for any Garmin hand-held GPS unit.



This manual exposes users to the basics of robotic control and programming. The lessons use teach pendant controls to teach the use of switches, program the robots and create works cells with peripherals such as carousels, conveyors and linear slides. The manual gives users an opportunity to actually program the robots using the same linear logic used to control the equipment in today’s automated factories.

Laser/Fiber Optics

laser fiber

The Laser/Fiber Optics manual is an introduction to the properties of laser waves and their interaction within fiber optic cables. This manual covers waves and the nature of light along with the properties of laser light. Experiments include optical devices, interference and diffraction, refraction and reflection, lenses and mirrors, and polarization. A section on fiber optics covers reflection, refraction, apertures, modes and dispersion.



This manual is intended to be used with a kit prepared by the Western Dakota Corps of Discovery Cooperative in conjunction with the University of Reading, United Kingdom. DNA extraction from freeze-dried enzymes and live plant cuttings is covered. Included are sections on genetics, plant growth and regeneration, and effects of outside contaminants.



This manual covers the basics of DC and AC electricity and the laws, values and measurements associated with each. Experiments within the manual include using multimeters, resisters and circuits to discover various circuits and measurements. Parallel and series circuits are used to demonstrate electrical properties. Schematic symbols and diagrams, and using an oscilloscope are also covered.

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